Cancer Vaccines

Mainly Cancer vaccines are two types preventive and therapeutic. Cancer preventive vaccines target infectious agents that cause or contribute to the development of cancer. They are similar to traditional vaccines, which help prevent infectious diseases, such as measles or polio, by protecting the body against infection. Both cancer preventive vaccines and traditional vaccines are based on antigens that are carried by infectious agents and that are relatively easy for the immune system to recognize as foreign.

Immunotherapeutics is treatment that uses your body's own immune system to help fight cancer. The main types of immunotherapy now being used to treat cancer include:

  1. Cancer vaccines
  2. Monoclonal antibodies
  3. Immune checkpoint inhibitors
  4. Other, non-specific immunotherapies

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In the last few decades immunotherapy has become an important part of treating some types of cancer. Newer types of immune treatments are now being studied, and they’ll impact how we treat cancer in the future

  • Feline Leukemia Vaccines
  • Cervical Cancer Vaccine
  • Preventive cancer vaccines
  • Cancer treatment Vaccines
  • CAR T-Cell Therapy
  • Gene-therapy
  • Oncolytic viral therapies
  • Non-specific cancer immunotherapies and adjuvants
  • Cancer Immunotherapy Biomarkers
  • Cancer Vaccines research
  • Others

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