Innovative Development of Vaccines

New technological advances have accelerated vaccine research and development (R&D) yielding numerous vaccines that have significantly reduced mortality and morbidity. In fact, each year, vaccines prevent up to 2.5 million child deaths.i But a number of diseases still lack an effective means of prevention; some, like HIV/AIDS, are caused by complex viruses that despite significant progress to-date, have proven to be evasive of existing vaccine technologies. With the emergence and expansion of new diseases, the need and demand for innovative vaccines continues to grow. But vaccine development is a complex, arduous, and expensive process. It requires a mastery of multiple technologies, ample funds for clinical trials and manufacturing facilities, sophisticated scale-up processes, expertise in navigating demanding regulatory environments in various regions, and managing vigorous safety monitoring. The R&D-based vaccine industry’s knowledge and capacity make it well-positioned to develop and manufacture new vaccine candidates. While both public and private partners play vital roles in vaccine development, it is industry that generally drives and manages the overall process that results in the approval of a new vaccine.

  • Dendritic cell based vaccines and development
  • Recombinant vector based immunization
  • Skin delivery techniques
  • DNA Vaccination
  • Cell receptor peptide vaccines
  • Targeted bacterial protein identification


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